Take out & delivery

No1. Shoyu

Soy based ramen

€ 15.5

No2. Miso

Miso based ramen

€ 17

No3. Yasai

Mushroom based ramen

€ 16


Chicken | water chestnut

€ 6

Crispy rice chips

smoked miso butter

€ 6

Edamame salty



Edamame spicy



Asian Mary

Ketel one vodka | shochu

€ 6

Yuzu Fizz

Sir Edmond gin | yuzu

€17 (2pcs) or €30 (4pcs)

Sochu Lemonade

Sochu | yuzu soda

€15 (2pcs) or €26 (4pcs)

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The best ramen, gyoza, crispy rice chips, edamame and your favorite cocktails& drinks at your doorstep!


Pick up from 13H til 19H at Yuzu Bierkade 6A/C.


Order before 16H and we wil deliver! (orders must be over €50).
Our dishes are easy to finish. Instructions are available on our Instagram.

Please call 0702213131 or email us daily at